fission powers Australia’s future energy network

As Australia grapples with the challenges and opportunities associated with moving to a net-zero future, vital investment is being made in transmission networks to cope with changing demand, new energy sources and remote generation locations so that when businesses and consumers require energy, it is available at the flick of a switch.

To support the future development of our energy networks, fission has been advising Transgrid as they embark on a long-term strategy to upgrade their power transmission network to facilitate connections between renewable energy zones and the energy network and markets.  

“Transgrid is playing an essential role in Australia’s clean energy future,” said fission’s Jason Finselbach. “They are developing a transmission superhighway to seamlessly integrate new energy generation projects across Australia’s eastern seaboard into the national network, enabling the supply of electricity to millions of Australian homes and businesses. Our team has supported their future planning through independent estimating services for several greenfield and brownfield projects up to 500kV involving extensive transmission line and substation works. In addition, we have worked with the team to model risk and escalation impacts as well as evaluating design and construct tenders to ensure that projects can be delivered affordably and in line with specifications, budgets, methodologies and timeframes.”

“We are uniquely placed to support clients such as Transgrid as we have a highly skilled team with real-world experience planning and delivering major infrastructure projects for tier 1 contractors across Australia. This means that we go beyond theories and models and take lived experience into account through our understanding of the practicalities and realities of how projects such as those in Transgrid’s pipeline of major works are delivered on the ground. In effect, we can share valuable insights into cost variables experienced on projects and how risks can be mitigated, and opportunities maximised,” said Jason. You can learn more about Transgrids upcoming capital expenditure program at: https://www.transgrid.com.au/projects-innovation

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