Inland Rail

Queensland | New South Wales | Victoria

Inland Rail
  • Discipline: Rail
  • Owner: ARTC
  • Value: $10 Billion
  • Scope: The project comprises 13 individual rail infrastructure projects and spans over 1,700 km including 1,100km of enhanced and upgraded tracks and 600km of new sections via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Role: fission developed innovative first principles estimate for the Calvert to Kagaru and Kagaru to Acacia Ridge projects which were rolled out across the 1700km program of works resulting in a more robust estimate and confidence in the process. Similarly, fission developed a first principles estimate for the track and tunnels for the Gowrie to Kagaru PPP Public Sector Comparator (PSC) including constructibility and risk input. This included development of detailed earthworks mass haul for each of the three sections identifying and mitigating significant risk to the project.