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Shaking Up Our Knowledge of Piling Solutions

To ensure that our people are equipped with insights and information on the latest technologies and techniques shaping our sector, we host regular sessions with key partners to keep ahead of the game. This means that whenever we provide a cost estimate or constructability solutions to our clients, they can have confidence in the due diligence and robust research that goes into every project.

Last week we were delighted to welcome the Gary and Rahmin from Quake Wrap to Fission HQ. In our session, we spent time gaining a valuable understanding of how their latest solution, PileMedic, can offer an alternative to the challenges and costs associated with pile remediation.

This session was particularly relevant as the team is currently assessing options to support operations and maintenance projects for the Department of Transport and Main Roads involving prolonging the life of existing bridge and marine structures.

Operations Director, Jarrod McHugh “At the heart of engineering is problem-solving, so it is no surprise that construction and infrastructure do not stand still, and if you do, you can very quickly be bypassed by new technologies and processes.”

“Part of our commitment to our clients is that we continually invest time and energy to stay up to date and explore new ideas that have the potential to provide our clients with the most cost-effective engineering solutions.“

“Thanks to our session with Quake Wrap we can consider an alternative solution that is easy to install and provides increased axial capacity far beyond the strength of the original pile,” said Jarrod.

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